WVVMF–Memorial Fund Form

The WVVMF Memorial Card Program allows veterinarians and clients to make a donation to the WVVMF in the honor of a recently deceased pet or loved one. 

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West Virginia Veterinary Medical Foundation-Memorial Fund Form

The West Virginia Veterinary Medical Foundation (WVVMF) Memorial Card Program allows individuals (veterinarians and clients) to recognize and honor their pets or loved ones with a donation to the foundation. To honor a pet or loved one, the client and pet name/loved one's name is provided to the foundation and a memorial card is then sent to the client acknowledging the donation. This donation helps support the WVVMF's work to improve the lives of animals and people through education and research.
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    These cards are personalized and sent directly to the client information given above. *To purchase in bulk, please contact the WVVMA office at: 804-346-0170*
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